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6 Documentaries That Will Hook Martial Arts Fans

While we already have an article on the best martial arts movies, this piece will be an addition and will focus on documentaries only.

Venture into the extraordinary domain of martial arts—a world that captivates with its enchanting narratives, fierce contests, and breathtaking demonstrations of human strength and agility.

Gaining insight into this spellbinding universe isn't always straightforward.

Some directors really get it; they’ve brought the spirit of martial arts alive on screen.

While we already have an article on the best martial arts movies, this piece will be an addition and will focus on documentaries only.

Through these films, we’re invited on a journey exploring its deep-rooted culture and history.

Martial Arts The Real Story (2000)

For centuries, martial arts have been captivated by their strength and enigma, cloaked in a shroud of mystique.

Today, however, the once-impenetrable curtain is drawn back, thanks to the power of modern photography. Come along on a journey through Martial Arts with us.

Let's unwrap "The Real Story" together - it’s an eye-opening journey for two solid hours into the lively mix of skills and styles in martial arts.

Dive right into this special, where you'll get a firsthand look at what it takes to excel in ancient artistic disciplines—hard work and plenty of discipline.

Behold the precision of kung fu, the agility of tae kwon do, the strategy of jiu-jitsu, and the roots of karate as we feature expert practitioners demonstrating a diverse range of fighting techniques.

Sensei: Masters of Okinawan Karate (2022)

masters of okinawan karate documentary


Explore the roots of karate with the enthralling 'Karate Masters Portrait Project,' a captivating documentary series that honors revered martial arts instructors from Okinawa, the cradle of karate.

Peek behind the curtain at the lives and wisdom of famous Senseis who have left a powerful legacy in martial arts' rich tapestry.

If you're into karate, studying it, or just love the history of martial arts, there’s an episode on YouTube featuring Kenyu Chinen that you shouldn't miss - and it won’t cost you a dime.

Here's your shot at getting up close with karate – it’s more than just fighting; it's a historic form of protecting yourself. Tune in now and be part of the karate legacy.

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Budo: The Art of Killing (1978)

Rediscover the essence of traditional combat through the legendary 1978 documentary, 'Budo: The Art of Killing'.

With Hisao Masuda producing and funding from the Arthur Davis Company, get ready to dive into an epic exploration of ancient Japanese martial arts in this much-loved film.

Witness the power and grace of karate, aikido, kendo, sumo, and judo, artfully presented by esteemed masters such as Gozo Shioda, Taizaburo Nakamura, and Teruo Hayashi.

Beyond learning the historical significance of these disciplines, imagine we're exploring what makes some properties stand out more than others—think accessibility perks, bells and whistles worth bragging about commercial potentials turning heads left and right; plus never skimping on making sure everyone involved gets VIP treatment.

The Art of Killing' offers a rare spectacle – the mesmerizing execution of techniques inherited over centuries.

Imagine a film that takes you back in time, celebrating traditional warrior practices - it's exactly what every martial art lover dreams about and enjoys on screens across the world.

Discover a tradition steeped in rigor and perfection—it's all about living by the code of ultimate discipline in martial arts.

'Budo: Think of "The Art of Killing" as more than cinema—it celebrates the age-old tradition and courage inherent in martial arts.

Kung Fu: The Hidden Art EP 1 From Killing Skills to Martial Arts (2022)

The Hidden Art From Killing Skills to Martial Arts documentary

The ancient traditions of Chinese martial arts boast an extensive heritage, tracing their origins to a time when they were conceived to bolster warfare prowess in the usage of weaponry like spears, sabers, and archery.

Initially crafted for warfare, these fighting techniques eventually won over hearts as go-to methods for personal safety among regular folks. 

In modern times, sharpening your unarmed fighting techniques is what martial arts are mainly focusing on – think defending yourself with skillful punches.

If you want to find out more about Kung Fu, you can change your IP address and look at local Chinese sites. This way you can get first-hand information. 

How Bruce Lee Changed the World (2009)

how bruce lee changed the world documentary

Imagine being so cool that you influence not only your own field but also light up cinemas bring fresh beats inspire belly laughs push athletes further.

That's exactly what bruce lee did turning himself from merely sensational martial artist epic mover shaker our whole cultural landscape If you listen to the folks who were with him through thick and thin, they'll tell you about a man whose influence doesn't fade – not one bit.

Coordinating high-flying stunts for Lee's blockbusters was more than just a gig for Jackie Chan—it laid down the tracks to superstardom for him.

In sharing tales of Lee, it’s clear for filmmakers such as John Woo and Brett Ratner that his legacy is more than cinematic—it’s deeply woven into the fabric of who they’ve become personally.

HOTSPOTS Martial Arts regions around the world (2017)

Embark on a captivating journey with 'HOTSPOTS: Martial Arts Regions Around the World', a documentary that unveils the rich tapestry of martial arts across the globe.

Delve into the unique stories and distinctive styles emanating from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the lively arenas of Brazil.

Step by step, follow along as we uncover secrets held tightly within different martial arts streams - all taught by those who mastered them first-hand. 

Step into the world of martial arts—where every style has a tale, and every kick and punch echoes centuries of lore.

Follow along as we trace back to the beginnings of this bewitching artistic expression and experience its diversity through varied viewpoints.


We're curious, what's the top martial arts documentary on your watchlist?

Let's make it easier for everyone to discover amazing martial arts documentaries. - drop your recommendations!

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