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NinjAesthetics Black Pump Cover Gym Tee


NinjAesthetics Pump Cover Gym Tee

Made with our proprietary FlexFit fabric blend, the NinjAthlete Pump Cover Gym Tee ensures optimal comfort and freedom of movement for all types of physical activities.
Whether you're pushing your limits with heavy weights or executing flawless HIIT circuits, this shirt will move with you, reducing friction and maximizing mobility.
Featuring our signature NinjaTech moisture-wicking technology, the shirt pulls sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workout.
The quick-drying capabilities of this top-notch material keep you feeling fresh, even during the most grueling sessions.
The aesthetic design of the NinjAthlete Pump Cover Gym Shirt combines sleek, minimalist style with a strong athletic look.
Its perfect fit offers a flattering silhouette, enhancing your physique and boosting your confidence as you step into the gym.

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