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Top Ninja Gyms in Texas

If you're in the Lone Star State and itching to give these courses a try, here are the top ninja gyms to consider.

American Ninja Warrior Gyms in Texas

Ninja Warrior, thanks to the popular television series, has become a sensation worldwide. 

People of all ages and backgrounds are looking to challenge themselves with the obstacle courses inspired by the show. Texas, with its vastness and love for all things big, has naturally embraced the ninja gym trend. 

If you're in the Lone Star State and itching to give these courses a try, here are the top 10 ninja gyms to consider:

Iron Sports - Houston

Owned by Sam Sann, an American Ninja Warrior veteran, this gym is well-regarded for its top-notch equipment and range of obstacles. They offer classes for both kids and adults, ensuring a comprehensive ninja experience for all age groups.

Power Park Fitness - Spring Branch

Spanning over 50,000 sq ft, this facility offers more than just ninja obstacles. Rock climbing, trampolines, and a dedicated kid's area make it an ideal family fitness destination.

Obstacle Warriors – Multiple Locations (Dallas, McKinney, Garland)

With multiple locations across Texas, Obstacle Warriors provides a consistent and challenging experience for both novice and advanced ninjas. Their obstacles are frequently updated, keeping the challenge fresh and exciting.

Ninja Nation – Frisco

Backed by experienced American Ninja Warriors, this gym boasts some of the most innovative obstacle designs. The arena-like setting provides a competitive feel, motivating participants to push their limits.

Austin Ninjas - Austin

With a friendly and welcoming environment, Austin Ninjas caters to both kids and adults. Their obstacles range from beginner to advanced, providing an inclusive environment for all skill levels.

Flip Fit Training – El Paso

Founded by an American Ninja Warrior contestant, this gym emphasizes both physical and mental fitness. Their holistic approach helps trainees tackle obstacles with determination and resilience.

Gauntlet Fitness - Dallas

Gauntles Fitness has landed 15 athletes on the show American Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior Jr. More importantly, Gauntlet Fitness landed 13 of the world’s top 39 podiums and secured the “#1 gym in the World” for the same challenge.  

Woodlands Ninja Training Center – The Woodlands

With both indoor and outdoor obstacles, this gym offers a unique ninja training experience. They emphasize full-body workouts, ensuring participants are ready for any challenge that comes their way.

Texas offers a wide range of ninja gyms that cater to both budding enthusiasts and experienced warriors. 

So, whether you're in the mood for a fun workout or preparing for a ninja competition, the Lone Star State has got you covered.

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