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How Long To See The Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Scientific studies support numerous health benefits of infrared saunas, which range from pain relief, improved circulation, skin purification, weight loss, detoxification, to enhanced relaxation and stress management.

The Wonders of Infrared Sauna: When Can You Expect Results?

We've all heard about the myriad health benefits of traditional saunas, but there's a new player in town that's stirring up quite a bit of excitement.

Infrared saunas are gaining traction as a wellness solution that provides numerous health benefits.

However, one question often asked is: how long does it take to start seeing these benefits? Let's dive into this and unpack all there is to know about infrared saunas.

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Understanding Infrared Saunas

Before we discuss the time it takes to see the benefits, it's essential to understand what an infrared sauna is and how it differs from traditional saunas.

Unlike traditional saunas, which heat the body by warming the surrounding air, infrared saunas use infrared light waves to heat the body directly.

This allows the heat to penetrate deeper into the tissues, inducing a more substantial sweat at a lower temperature, which many people find more comfortable.

Infrared saunas are further categorized into three types: near, mid, and far-infrared, each with their specific benefits.

Near-infrared is best for wound healing and increased immune function, mid-infrared is ideal for increasing circulation and promoting weight loss, while far-infrared is excellent for detoxification and relaxation.

Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

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Scientific studies support numerous health benefits of infrared saunas, which range from pain relief, improved circulation, skin purification, weight loss, detoxification, to enhanced relaxation and stress management.

It’s important to note that the benefits can vary based on individual health status and frequency of use.

The Timeline: When to Expect Results from an Infrared Sauna

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Now, let's get to the meat of the matter. You're wondering when you'll start to see these fantastic benefits.

The answer isn't a one-size-fits-all because it depends on various factors such as your current health status, the specific benefits you're hoping to achieve, the frequency of your sauna sessions, and the intensity of each session.

Detoxification and Weight Loss

If you're using an infrared sauna to detoxify, you may start seeing results within a few sessions.

As the infrared heat penetrates deep into your tissues, it causes fat cells to release toxins, which are then expelled through sweat.

Some people may notice improved skin clarity and enhanced energy levels as early signs of detoxification within one to two weeks of consistent use.

For weight loss, you might notice subtle changes within a couple of weeks.

The weight loss associated with infrared sauna use results from increased heart rate and metabolism caused by the body's attempt to cool itself down.

This is akin to the calorie burning that happens during exercise.

However, for more substantial weight loss, the infrared sauna should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Pain Relief and Improved Circulation

Those seeking pain relief, particularly from conditions like arthritis or muscle soreness, may experience improvement after several sessions, depending on the severity of the pain.

Improved circulation can take a little longer, but you might start noticing changes such as warmer extremities or improved skin color after a few weeks.

Stress Reduction and Improved Sleep

Infrared saunas help to relax the body and mind, leading to reduced stress levels and improved sleep patterns.

Some individuals may notice these effects immediately after their first session, while others may need a few sessions to start experiencing the benefits.

How Long Should You Stay In An Infrared Sauna?

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The duration of an infrared sauna session can vary depending on several factors including your personal comfort, health status, and experience with sauna use.

As a general guideline, most people find that 20 to 30 minutes in an infrared sauna is sufficient to experience its health benefits.

For beginners, it's recommended to start with shorter sessions of around 10-15 minutes.

Over time, as your body acclimates to the heat, you can gradually increase the duration of your sessions.

Some people, especially those using infrared saunas for therapeutic purposes, may spend up to 45 minutes in the sauna.

It's also essential to stay hydrated during your infrared sauna use.

Drink water before, during, and after your session to replace fluids lost through sweat.

Making the Most of Your Infrared Sauna Sessions

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To maximize the benefits of your infrared sauna sessions:

  • Hydrate before and after each session to replace the fluids lost through sweating.
  • Begin with shorter sessions (around 15 minutes) and gradually increase the duration as your body adapts to the heat.
  • Use the sauna consistently, ideally 3-4 times a week.
  • Combine infrared sauna sessions with a balanced diet and regular exercise for holistic wellness.

How Often Should You Use An Infrared Sauna?

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The frequency of infrared sauna use can vary greatly depending on individual health goals, personal comfort, and tolerance.

That being said, a general recommendation for healthy individuals is to use an infrared sauna around three to four times a week.

For those new to infrared saunas, it's often advised to start with one or two sessions a week to see how your body reacts.

If you feel comfortable and enjoy the sessions, you can gradually increase the frequency.

Some people who use the infrared sauna for specific health goals such as detoxification, stress relief, or pain management might use the sauna daily.

However, daily usage, especially for longer sessions, should be under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

It's important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for one person might not work for another.

Always listen to your body and adjust your sauna usage accordingly.

Staying hydrated before, during, and after each session is also crucial to replace the fluids lost through sweating and to prevent dehydration.

How Hot Do Infrared Saunas Get?

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Infrared saunas generally operate at a lower temperature than traditional saunas.

The heat in an infrared sauna typically ranges between 110 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (around 43 to 54 degrees Celsius).

Some infrared saunas can go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) but this is less common.

This lower temperature range is one of the appealing features of infrared saunas.

The infrared light directly heats your body, allowing you to experience a more intense sweat session at a lower overall temperature, which is more comfortable for many people than the higher temperatures of a traditional sauna.

As always, it's important to listen to your body during a sauna session. If you start to feel dizzy or uncomfortable, it's best to leave the sauna and cool down.

Also, keep in mind to hydrate before and after your sauna session to replace lost fluids.


The timeline for seeing benefits from an infrared sauna can vary greatly based on individual factors, but generally, you can expect to notice some changes within a few weeks of consistent use.

Always remember that each person's experience will differ, and benefits will be more pronounced with regular use and proper hydration.

Whether you're after detoxification, weight loss, stress management, or pain relief, an infrared sauna could be an excellent addition to your wellness routine.

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