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Modern Day Ninjas

These modern-day ninjas understand that a true warrior's strength comes not just from the body, but also from the mind. 

Who Are Today’s Modern Day Ninjas?

These modern-day ninjas, with their innovative methods and inspiring commitment, are not just redefining the fitness landscape, but are also playing a pivotal role in changing perceptions about health, fitness, and well-being.

They're the epitome of strength, resilience, and determination, inspiring countless individuals to take control of their health and become their best selves.

Through their diverse personal training programs, social media presence, martial arts teachings, and wellness initiatives, they've managed to redefine what it means to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in today's world. 

Tremayne Dortch

Meet Tremayne Dortch, the Muscle Ninja, who has been redefining fitness in the Lone Star State.

tremayne dortch the muscle ninja

As a pioneering figure in the realm of fitness and health, he's been instrumental in sculpting bodies and shaping lives from his home base in Cypress, Texas.

Tremayne is not just a personal trainer; he's a fitness revolutionist who has turned the traditional notion of a gym workout on its head. At Beast Body Fitness, the gym he founded and passionately operates, individuals don't just lift weights—they become athletes.

The Muscle Ninja has made a name for himself with his innovative "ninja ab workouts", which have not only carved six-packs but also amassed him a substantial social media following. 

tremayne dortch personal training

These unconventional workouts, inspired by his fascination with the strength and agility of ninjas, have proven that achieving a rock-solid core can be exhilarating and fun.

Tremayne is a master at designing workouts that push you beyond your perceived limits while ensuring you enjoy every moment of the sweat and strain. 

His approach is built on the belief that physical fitness is not merely about changing one's appearance but about building confidence and taking control of one's health.

At Beast Body Fitness, the aim is to empower individuals to become their own heroes. 

Whether you're a beginner on your fitness journey or an athlete looking to enhance performance, Tremayne and his team offer customized training regimens to help you reach your goals.

More than a gym, Beast Body Fitness is a transformative space where mental strength is built alongside physical power. Tremayne’s methods incorporate mental fortitude as much as physical toughness, guiding members to harness the power of a resilient mindset.

While his muscular build and ninja-like agility may be what first captures your attention, it's Tremayne's indomitable spirit and deep-rooted desire to inspire that truly sets him apart. 

His unique ability to inspire others to push past their comfort zones, to take control of their mental and physical health, and to train with the heart of an athlete is what makes him the Muscle Ninja.

Tremayne Dortch is a testament to the transformative power of fitness. He is more than just a trainer; he is a catalyst for change, empowering individuals to rewrite their narratives and conquer their fitness journeys. 

With his guidance, every visit to the gym becomes an opportunity to uncover the athlete within.

Edward “The NINJA”  Massey

Meet Edward Massey, or as he's known for his rapidly growing Instagram following, "The Ninja".

edward the ninja massey

A pro mixed martial artist, world-class K1 kickboxer, and esteemed personal trainer, Edward embodies the spirit of the modern-day warrior. 

Living by the code of the ninja, he demonstrates how discipline, strength, and a relentless pursuit of excellence can conquer any arena - be it in martial arts, fitness, or media entertainment.

Edward's journey into martial arts has been far from ordinary. Through the crucible of intense training and high-stakes competition, he has forged himself into a formidable mixed martial artist and K1 kickboxer. 

Edward has spent countless hours honing his skills and techniques, embodying the perfect blend of agility, power, and precision that distinguishes him in the ring. His victories are a testament to his talent and dedication, earning him recognition on the global stage.

ed massey the ninja

At the same time, Edward's passion for martial arts is not confined to his personal journey. At the Wildside Combat Sports Center in Clarkesville, Tennessee, he is an esteemed mentor, sharing his knowledge and experience with students. 

Edward's training style reflects his fighting philosophy—combining strength, strategy, and stamina to create versatile and well-rounded martial artists.

However, Edward's interests and talents extend beyond the world of martial arts and fitness. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Modern Day Ninja Entertainment, a thriving media company. 

Like the ninja he embodies, Edward has adapted and evolved, masterfully navigating the digital landscape. 

edward massey mma

His company mirrors his personal ethos of discipline and creativity, creating compelling content that engages and entertains.

Through his posts, he provides glimpses into his rigorous training regimen, shares snippets of his personal journey, and motivates his followers with his unwavering discipline and determination. Edward has cultivated a vibrant online community that spans the globe, inspiring others to awaken their inner ninja.

Edward Massey is more than just a mixed martial artist or an entrepreneur. He is a modern-day ninja, navigating the complexities of life with the precision of a kickboxer and the strategy of a fighter. 

Kimberly Penrose

Meet Kimberly Penrose, the dynamic force behind Be Forever FITness and the woman many know as the 'littlefitninja' on Instagram. 

kimberly penrose personal trainer

Embodying the ethos of a modern-day ninja, Kimberly has dedicated her life to promoting physical and mental well-being. 

Her unique approach to fitness and personal training, rooted in a lifelong passion for an active lifestyle, has transformed lives all over the world.

From the tender age of 12, Kimberly discovered the power of weightlifting, an experience that would set the course for her life. 

Through years of dedication and perseverance, she has honed her skills and knowledge, emerging as a master of her craft.

kimberly penrose little fit ninja

With Be Forever FITness, Kimberly has pioneered a uniquely personal approach to training.

Her offerings range from private yoga instruction to stand up paddle board lessons, from SUP Yoga to Corporate Wellness programs, and, of course, to her signature 1:1 virtual training.

Her adaptability and extensive repertoire of training styles make her a true fitness ninja, equipped to help her clients conquer any fitness challenge that comes their way. 

Through her posts, she offers glimpses into her own fitness journey, shares insightful tips and workouts, and provides a steady stream of motivation to her followers.

kimberly penrose training

But what truly sets Kimberly apart is her deep understanding of the intrinsic connection between physical and mental health

For her, fitness is not just about building stronger bodies, but also about fostering resilience, boosting self-confidence, and promoting overall mental well-being. 

She guides her clients not only to be stronger and healthier but to cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance—qualities emblematic of a true modern-day ninja.

Kimberly Penrose is more than a personal trainer; she is a change-maker in the world of fitness. 

Through her innovative approach and lifelong dedication to promoting health and well-being, she continues to inspire and guide countless individuals on their journeys to becoming their best selves.

DJ Moore

Meet DJ Moore, the Lone Star State's very own modern ninja.

Dj Moore modern day ninja

Residing in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, DJ's unique blend of athleticism, discipline, and hilarity has quickly propelled him into the spotlight. 

With a spirited personality and a passion for pushing boundaries, he brings humor and high-kicks into every corner of life.

As a stuntman, DJ takes physical feats to new heights, turning the unexpected into the unforgettable. Not just satisfied with thrilling audiences, he believes in the art of turning every stunt into a masterclass of resilience and determination. 

His relentless discipline, honed over years of martial arts training, is the driving force behind his daring stunts that continue to amaze viewers across the globe.

However, it's not just the stunts and martial arts that have won DJ a devoted fan base. His innate ability to weave comedy into his extraordinary routines sets him apart in a crowded field. 

Through hilarious videos filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and lighthearted fun, DJ has become a source of laughter and joy for countless fans. 

But beneath the jokes and jests lies a man of profound wisdom, someone who practices the philosophy of choosing discipline over motivation

According to DJ, motivation is fleeting, while discipline is the foundation of true success. With this belief, he encourages his followers to develop a discipline that lasts and to find joy in the journey.

DJ Moore is not just a man; he's a movement—a mix of martial arts, comedy, stunts, and wisdom. His life is a testament to the fact that one can possess strength and silliness, discipline and delight, seriousness and a sense of humor. 

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