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Mindset Gym Pump Cover

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Mindset Pump Cover Gym Shirt

Ninjas were known for their strict discipline. They trained tirelessly to master their skills.

A ninja mindset means having the discipline to stick to your goals, even when things get tough.

Ninjas were expected to cope with all sorts of unpredictable situations. They needed to be flexible and resourceful.

Similarly, a ninja mindset involves being open to change, ready to learn new things, and able to adjust strategies when needed.

Ninjas needed to plan their missions carefully, considering all potential outcomes and preparing for them. This kind of strategic thinking can be very beneficial in various life scenarios.

The concept of having a "ninja mindset" is metaphorical and is generally about adopting these admirable qualities rather than actually learning the art of being a ninja.

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches) SLEEVE CENTER BACK (inches)
S 18 ¼ 26 ⅝ 16 ¼
M 20 ¼ 28 17 ¾
L 22 29 ⅜ 19
XL 24 30 ¾ 20 ½
2XL 26 31 ⅝ 21 ¾
3XL 27 ¾ 32 ½ 23 ¼

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